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Ostalbkorn - a regional supply chain

The success story "Ostalbkorn" of the producer community between farmers in the region, the Heimatsmühle, and the Virngrundbäcker, which was first launched last year, is to be continued this year.

Signs of the regional merger are the blooming field edges around the fields of farmers, e.g. from Westhausen, Lauchheim, and Ellwangen, where butterflies, bees, and insects cavort. Growth regulators are deliberately avoided for the benefit of nature.

As soon as the grain is harvested in summer, it is ground separately by the Heimatsmühle and baked into “Ostalbkorn bread” by the Virngrund baker.

Excursion tip: a specially created cycle path invites all interested parties to find out more about the advantages of "Ostalbkorn" on display boards in the fields. The approx. 10 km long tour starts in Pfahlheim near the Sonnenbach reservoir. The tour ends with a culinary refreshment (during opening hours) at the Virngrund bakery in Röhlingen.

For more information on the "Ostalbkorn" visit the Ostalbkorn website.