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Non-Stabilised Wheat Bran

Our Wheat Bran is a bran product created during the grain-milling process and is naturally rich in fibre. The fine flakes swell quickly in the gut, creating a feeling of fullness and improving gut motility. This stimulates digestion in a natural way and supports gut health. Thanks to its mild taste, wheat bran is most suitable for refining dishes. 

We offer both a conventional version and an organic version.

Wheat Bran is ideal:

  • For refining cereals, milk products, soup and vegetables 

  • As a refined baking ingredient for bread and other baked goods

Packaging sizes

loose loading
Big Bag
25kg bags

Deliverable in

EU organic
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100% Wheat

Nutritional values per 100g:

Energy 1146 kJ
276 kcal
/ of which saturates
/ of which sugars
Fibre 45g
Protein 16g
Salt <0,01g

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