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Packages of Heimatsmühle quality brand flour can be found in many retail food shops, especially in Baden-Württemberg and parts of Bavaria. Grain for conventional brand flour is sourced mainly from traditional delivery areas surrounding the Heimatsmühle, such as the region of East Württemberg. They are also delivered from the neighbouring regions of Danube-Ries, Hohenlohe, Franconia, and Würzburg as well as from Kocher valley, which is connected to Greater Heilbronn, the Swabian Alb region, and Swabia. We have had established ties to many suppliers for decades now.

The packages for Heimatsmühle organic quality brand flour are produced from certified Naturland raw materials. Grain comes mainly from farmlands in Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria. The cultivation and processing of crops are governed by the strict guidelines of Naturland and the fundamental EU-Eco-regulation (EEC) No. 834/2007. Independent monitoring institutes regularly inspect the farms and the mill to ensure their compliance.

It’s very important for us to build trust and cooperation with raw material producers. All grain suppliers have been issued the necessary certificates and comply with the relevant guidelines. Grain grown on a variety of different soils and in climatic conditions provides us with a perfect mix for our flour that consistently upholds a high level of quality.

Delivery times

During the harvest season, we flexibly adapt our grain reception times to correspond with deliveries. Outside the harvest season, we are always open from 7.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

+49 (0) 7361 / 91 51 43 or
+49 (0) 163-7361914

Qualified laboratory personnel and our quality management team carry out quality assessment and quality assurance.

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Never delivered to us before?

If so, please fill in our master data sheet and return it to us before making your first delivery.

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For organic suppliers, we also need the current EU organic certificates and farming association certificates.

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