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We measure time in generations

Today’s Heimatsmühle has been built on six generations of hard work and success. The Ladenburger family has lived and worked at the mill since 1808. The latest technology and innovative processes fall perfectly in line with our traditional philosophy of quality. Together with our staff, we are working to propel Heimatsmühle forward – we are ready for the future. The most careful and efficient use of natural resources and energy is extremely important to us, which is why our goal is to “naturally keep on improving”.

We love what we do.

My family has lived and worked at Heimatsmühle for over 200 years. Our millers are highly passionate and dedicated to milling good and valuable grain into high-quality products for you.

Heimatsmühle Environmental Protection
and Nature Conservation Award

We have been awarding our “environmental protection and nature conservation award” since 1990. Any individuals, groups, associations, schools, classes, nursery schools, businesses, or citizens’ initiatives, etc. that were involved in environmental protection and nature conservation in the previous year may apply for the award. Involvement includes everything from building bird nesting boxes, creating biotopes, and helping fauna and flora to prosper, to planting hedges, orchards, and marshes, cleaning up, or other projects. An independent jury of eminent experts choose the award winner every year.

The Heimatsmühle itself also makes a contribution to environmental protection by using a water turbine to generate electricity.